Frosty,,, THERE’S SNOW MAN!!!


Frosty,,,, There’s SNOW MAN!!!

From earlier this year. Just part of a paved road ride. Getting in condition for the upcoming season.


We are experiencing 20cm of snow today. That is almost 8 inches. I guess I won’t be riding outside today. I will have to keep all of my travels inside the confines of the garage. Looks like snow for the week. I’m going to have to find a few project to keep my mind busy and afford me some sanity while all the bikes are in the garage staring at me beckoning me to ride.

Where I’ve Gone

Here’s a few shots.

Some hot spots we like to go to.




Rides I’ve Ridden

So here are a few scoots I owned over the years.Some are gone and a few still remain.




Snowy Owl

Saw this snowy owl again early this morning as I was riding by. He is farther south on RR 20 now. Closer to Mt. Joy. He watched me ride by on the Honda Varadero and bungle for my camera. I got turned around and rode past him again clicking pictures as I rode. Well,,,, none were good enough for me. I rode by again and the farmer pulled part way out of his driveway and watched me ride by again….. and again ….. and one more time. So, how does that saying go. “You gotta stop and smell the roses?” Well, I should have just stopped and clicked one off of the owl. I would have saved time for sure. Here he is. He’s pretty majestic and pretty far away.

March 17th 2012

Cold and Frosty

Well, I’ve been neglecting posting and writing here in lieu of trying to make the site more appealing. I can’t seem to make a nesting of pages with a drop down menu.

However, I have been riding every day come rain, snow, or shine. I have posted a new video on Youtube of us descending down into the Battle River.

Today, my baby girl wants to ride. Who knows, perhaps we will go down to the river and witness a miracle.